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Voting Page: Midi2MP3 competition #1 (launch celebration)

This competition has been closed so you can no longer vote. But you can still enjoy the mp3's!
musicman // over 5 years ago //
I made this composition in FL Studio using reFX Nexus and z3ta+. The lead is unchanged, but I added a (gated) chord progression. I mangled it even further by running it through the fruity love philter. I used the build-in stereo shaper, reeverb and some other effects as well. Quickly made, but hope you like it!
Average rating 3.0769
Rated 14 time(s)
kennewby // over 5 years ago //
Using Ableton and Sylenth I have made an arrangement with a happy upbeat feel. using mostly Square Sounds and Plucks fo the main sounds and White Noise from Silence for builds and sweeps. Hope you like it..
Average rating 3.1667
Rated 13 time(s)
boxh3ad // over 5 years ago //
I used Nexus, Zeta2 and I put a reverb on the melody and compression on the main mix.
Average rating 3.5
Rated 13 time(s)
this entry won the competition!
deimateos // over 5 years ago //
So I put this together with 4 instances of Massive for leads, 2 instances of FM8 for bass Some Kontakt samples, drums and a bit of mixing special sauce. Every sound was played with the original melody, save for two bars of the bass and the drums of course. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it.
Average rating 3.8333
Rated 13 time(s)
marque // over 5 years ago //
I put the midi track in REASON 6.5 and adjusted it to suit the bass and strings. I also split the track to take out the hight note and have that separately in the song. The lead is on a Rob Papen Predator Rack extension. I used some samples which I processed in ReCycle and some groove, echo, delay FX's - hope you like it :-)
Average rating 2.3333
Rated 13 time(s)
MichaelCorcoranMusic // over 5 years ago //
Average rating 3.5455
Rated 12 time(s)
michaelschiefer333 // over 5 years ago //
I made this in Ableton Live. I split the midi file into two and put the higher octave on a piano. I put the lower octave on a bass sound. I added drums by playing them out on drum pads using a drum kit in Ableton I then changed the samples of the kit to my liking. I played bass guitar and guitar on top and ran them through an external Behringer amp simulator and an Alesis quadraverb reverb unit. I added the string for some high end and then mixed and mastered everything in Ableton.
Average rating 3.1111
Rated 10 time(s)
drmusique // over 5 years ago //
Created in Cakewalk SONAR X2. Drums are a MIDI sequence from Cakewalk's Session Drummer 3. VSTis used were Predator, Superwave Professional, Omnisphere, Diva, ZebraHZ and ElectraX. The Breverb VST effect was applied to one track and the mod wheel was also used to change the sound of another track. Only a limiter was applied to the master track.
Average rating 3.0
Rated 10 time(s)
rockironwebb // over 5 years ago //
Here is my submission. Pretty basic,,I have been a drummer for 20 years and just got into computer based music making about a year ago. Hope you enjoy.
Average rating 3.6
Rated 11 time(s)
hueynym // over 5 years ago //
Split pattern done entirely in Garageband, spread over patches with two additional audio samples.
Average rating 2.8889
Rated 10 time(s)
meo // over 5 years ago //
Hi, This is my entry. I made it in FL Studio. I used toxic biohazard, 3xosc, an Harmless.
Average rating 3.0
Rated 10 time(s)


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