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Voting Page: Midi2MP3 competition #3

This competition has been closed so you can no longer vote. But you can still enjoy the mp3's!
this entry won the competition!
rockironwebb // almost 5 years ago //
here is my entry. i found this midi track a bit harder to deal with then the previous midi competitions. All sounds heard are extracted from the original midi,,,i added no new notes. I wish i didn't have to work a "real job" so i could just sit around and make music full time! Hope everyone enjoys.
Average rating 3.8214
Rated 28 time(s)
TLxdarkskull // almost 5 years ago //
hey guys cryoz here, i absolutely love your site i used it when i was newer to produceing but i saw your competition through a email and figured why not ill join so here it is! anyways if you need to contact me email me at Thanks again! Tyler S, Cryoz
Average rating 2.6667
Rated 18 time(s)
elektroleo1 // almost 5 years ago //
I LIKE REMIXES song made in Ableton 9 the piano is the main instrument as well as the other instruments have fun vote
Average rating 3.6176
Rated 34 time(s)
codreabogdan // almost 5 years ago //
For this song I used FL Studio 11, and many vst plugins instruments including Harmon, Nexus 2. I tried to do a song with trance influences, but the time allotted for it is short. I hope you will enjoy. Do not forget to vote. Peace :D
Average rating 3.2632
Rated 19 time(s)
poopman00 // almost 5 years ago //
I used FL Studio to make this. The main VST I was trying out was Sawer.
Average rating 2.4667
Rated 15 time(s)
Weckerle // over 4 years ago //
Pattern 318 (Weckerle Midichords composition competition)
Average rating 2.75
Rated 16 time(s)
ilovebagelz // over 4 years ago //
Hi, here is my submission for the MIDI comp. Made with Fl 11 originally months ago. (Deadline extended) Didn't know what else to do with it after. But I used Sytrus for some of the leads. An Orchestral VST for the Strings and Piano. And GMS preset sound for a few sounds. The guitar string is from Sytrus. The intro is the MIDI layered and then the segment following is just the same progression but appreciated. And the break from that is just the same progression but time stretched x2. And just sim
Average rating 2.6667
Rated 15 time(s)


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